Learn with Others

HBS Accelerate’s  Unique Model

  • Learn with the case-based method. HBS faculty share their expertise observations. Our case-based pedagogy requires learners to grapple directly with problems in a hands-on way in a group environment. 
  • Apply best practices to your startup’s unique problems. Even seasoned entrepreneurs struggle to apply best practices to their own unique situations. Our activities help you to apply tested frameworks to your startup. 
  • Engage with others and build a community. Our workshops occur in-person, allowing you to meet and interact with other entrepreneurs struggling with similar issues, to practice techniques, and to get direct feedback.

HBS Accelerate Workshops are results-oriented.

Our workshops cover essential material and intentionally move at a fast pace to prompt you to think, respond, and assess quickly. HBS’s world-class faculty deliver tested frameworks, techniques, tools, and insights via video. Between videos, you’ll participate in hands-on practical activities with peers and learn tested frameworks and techniques to help you evaluate and strengthen your venture.

What participants are saying

  • “The practice and feedback opportunities in the workshop were invaluable.”
  • “The professor was a great speaker. I appreciated how points were broken down.”
  • “The structured activities got my brain going and made me think about something I’ve been avoiding.”